Places to eat in Berlin

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We've found lots of nice places to eat in Berlin. We generally try to keep to German cuisine mainly because it seems pointless to go for the sorts of food that we can so easily get at home. These are our current favourites:

Gill first found this wonderful German restaurant on TripAdvisor when it occupied the top slot for Berlin. Its proprietress serves the dishes that her grandmother used to make, and these represent the cuisine of the former German territories of East Prussia, West Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia. She moves cheerfully amongst the customers in her cosy, friendly restaurant checking that everything is to their satisfaction and seems to speak an enormous number of languages. Our tip when eating here is; don't have a starter! The main course alone will be a challenge to finish! On top of all the other pluses the prices are very reasonable. Marjellchen is situated just off the Kurfürstendamm in West Berlin, but is only a short walk from the Savignyplatz S-Bahn station, so it's really simple to travel to and from.

Zur Haxe
A lovely Bavarian-style restaurant in a very ordinary, residential part of Prenzlauer Berg that serves delicious German food. The incredibly friendly serving staff all dress in traditional clothes. Get there from Alex on trhe M4 tram

Grand Bar
A nice bar/restaurant (formerly Oranium) on Oranienburgerstrasse, two tram stops up from Hackescher Markt, that Gill and I often visit when we’re in Berlin. It’s where we first ‘discovered’ dates wrapped in bacon! Lately, standards seem to have dropped a bit, but it's still a good place to stop for a drink.
TV Tower
If there is clear visibility at the top of the tower the night-time views across Berlin from the revolving restaurant are spectacular. We've eaten here several times, but with having to pay 12 euros just to go up in the lift before you even sit down to eat it can get a bit pricy.

Umspannwerk Ost The restaurant is built into a former electrical sub-station just off Karl-Marz Allee. It's a dramatic setting and the food is equally impressive.
If you fancy a pleasant lunch and a drink then this Hackescher Markt bar/restaurant is the place. The food is very German, and if this isn't your thing you might struggle with the menu, but the excellent Bavarian beer could well make up for that.
Barcomi's Deli
This is an excellent place to have breakfast in a stylish modern atmosphere. The restaurant is tucked away in a side street close to Hackescher Markt, but it gets really very busy at times.
A slightly pricey but rather nice restaurant on the banks of the Spree near to Brecht's Berliner Ensemble theatre.
Close to Brechts (see above) this French-themed restaurant/bistro has a nice riverside terrace. They also served excellent dry Rieslings!

Zur letzten Instanz
This is claimed to be the oldest restaurant in Berlin and Napoleon is said to have eaten here on his way back from Moscow in 1812. Be warned - it's a very German menu and, therefore, very meat-based, but a very pleasant place to spend a Berlin winter's evening!

Alt Berliner Wirtshaus
Situated in Wilhelmstrasse, close to the Brandenburg Gate, this is a very convenient place to have lunch during a walking tour. It's a very German interior and the menu offers 'Old Berlin cuisine'.
Zur Gerichtslaube
Another very German restaurant with a very cosy ambience. It's in the Nikolai quarter near Alexanderplatz

Mutter Hoppe
Yet another very German restaurant, again near to Alexanderplatz. We visited in mid-summer and ate outdoors under an awning, but we thought it would be nice to visit again in mid-winter since the indoors section downstairs looks so inviting for a cold night.

Rated very highly indeed on TripAdvisor, which is what drew us there. The food was nice but expensive, and the atmosphere was very French. Doubt that we'll visit again, but an interesting experience. Run by an elegant, elderly couple when we were there, and we thought that perhaps it was time for them to think about retiring :o)

PeterPaul German tapas in a delightfully modern setting. Doesn't open until 18:00, and definitely worth booking.

Weingalerie und Café Nö!

Cosy bar/restaurant in Glinkastrasse, close to the Brandenburg Gate. Flammkuchen (a sort of German pizza), cold meats, salads and nice wine. Staff speak good English and are very welcoming!

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