Rhône Cruise and Carcassonne
Thursday 9th July 2015

Another early start, with a taxi calling for us at 5.30am.

Our flight was slightly delayed due to a BA aircraft being late leaving the gate, but the flight to Lyon was surprisingly short – only one hour ten minutes! Allowing for the one hour time difference, well over half an hour waiting for our bags to come through plus a 40 minute cab journey to the river bank we reached the ship at midday. Luckily, we were allowed to board and have a light lunch, then sit reading on deck until we checked in at 3pm.
Taking the sun on deck
Seven course dinner!
Seven course dinner!
After such an early start we needed a siesta before cocktails at 6.30pm and the mandatory safety advice. On river ships this seems to consist more or less of just, ‘Get up on to the sun deck and pick up a life jacket’. The Cruise Manager, who is Spanish rather than French, made his introductions as did the Hotel Director, who is German. The Captain, who is French, doesn’t speak terribly good English ;o)

This evening’s dinner featured seven courses, and we unwisely opted for them all - you live and learn! It was nice to have a choice of complimentary red or white wine that was topped up throughout the meal. Afterwards, we were toying with going for a walk into Lyon, but since we’re doing that in the morning we opted for tea in our room instead.

The weather here is sunny and very warm, with forecasts of 35 degrees in a couple of days’ time!

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