Sarah at Sussex University

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Sarah went to Sussex University on Sunday 29th September 2002, ready to study English in the School of Cultural and Community Studies. This was the culmination of many years hard work, mainly by Sarah but also by the many education and healthcare specialists who had done so much to help her to this point.

When she was only a few days old and the severity of her muscle condition was being assessed we were told not to worry just yet about her educational prospects. In the event, the support she received throughout her school career enabled her to thrive, get great GCSE and A Level results, and then reach this point - independence. We owe a lot of people a great deal!

Below are a few photos taken on her first day at Sussex (29th Sept 2002).

For photos of Sarah's 18th birthday celebrations in February 2002 please go to:

For details of Sarah's NRA (National Record of Achievement) leaving ceremony at Thomas Tallis School in June please go to:

On 22nd July Sarah graduated with an Upper 2nd Class degree in English and is now going on to do her Master's at Sussex

Early days (click for larger image)  
Sarah's Room

Sarah in her room in York House. Hers was one of six rooms with an ensuite shower/toilet and she shares the kitchen facilities with five other people.

York House (outside)

Sarah's room was on the ground floor, close to the 24 hour porter's office.

York House (inside)

It was the first door on the left in the photo of the blue-carpeted passageway. As she left her room there was a nice courtyard garden in front of her, and the third photo shows the mailboxes where she collected her post.


Bramber House is one of the main admin buildings on the campus. The middle photo shows the view across to York House, and the third photo is of the Arts building masquerading as a municipal crematorium!

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